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For a set of good friends?

                    Just wondering for this kind of thing for days now. I just want to clear things out that I do have my friends and a lot of them, just saying this to give you guys some thoughts. What can can you give to have a set of good friends or to save a friend in need? Fame? Money? Career? Your Future? This also asks what kind of person are you. There are also times when being alone is fun, Sometimes. Why did I say that? You can go anywhere you want anytime, no one will complain about where you will go or what you will do. It’s just simple as that, Living wild and free. But are you really sure staying alone like that can give you your happiness. I’ve known other guys like that, where they don’t want to be in a crowd. I guess they just don’t want other people to be there or maybe they just don’t have what it takes to mingle with other people, I just can’t understand this kind of people. Back to our topic here. For a normal person, It’s natural to think that they wouldn’t give up anything just to have a friend or to save a friend in need. Are you that kind of person? I guess for some, Helping someone who will put at stake something that is important to someone will definitely wont sacrifice a thing for merely just a friend. Are you like that? Well for me, it will really depend on who and for what. First of all, I don’t reject right away those friends of mine in need. I will just recall all the things that he/she have done for me if he/she can really be called as one of my ‘good friends’. why would you help someone who betrayed you? it’s hard to trust someone the second time around. I have experienced that and I am kind of person that does not know how to forgive traitors. But how about if you will ask the same question to yourself?

“Shall i help him? but what if …..”

                     That ‘what if’ is just a sign of hesitation to help someone, it’s normal, depending on you own circumstances and his, it’s definitely normal to think first the things that can go before you go on and help someone.

                    But for a set of good friends? Why would someone think twice to help someone who you can really trust. There will really be a time where you will also need help from someone or anyone. Having those kinds of friends is worth it. No regrets. Really. If you ever have a friend whom you can rely on, You can understand what I am saying. Its good to have good friends. I am not saying that i am will give up everything for someone, except if that someone is so important to me. But I also did not say that I am not willing to give up something for my friend. Now I ask you.

“Are you willing to give up something for a FRIEND?”



Thought so…


“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
― Dr. Seuss

           One of Dr.Seuss’s quote about happiness, every now and then people want to attain something that can give them happiness. Who doesn’t want to have that? But have you ever think of something that can really give you your true happiness? Does those kind of things come into your mind? The thing that you can do that you can cherish or those that you will never regret, it’s not because you succeed in doing it but because you are happy that you have done it.

You can make your own happiness, you just have to realize the things that you have and appreciate them. It’s easy as long as you stay honest to yourself. Lying is bad, Obviously and that’s a given to everything. Being true to yourself is your first step towards true happiness. You can only obtain it if you stay honest to yourself and to the things that you do. You can also get that from everything you do as lang as you want to do it. Staying positive is also a factor that can boost you. Being alone is never fun. Be true because defying one’s self is suicide. 🙂

10 types of people that I meet Everyday

In this article, I just want to sort out the people that i see everyday. If not all .. Maybe most of them i think. Some of them are my friends, some of them are the ones that i see whenever I go to places where i want and some of them are just random. I won’t prolong anymore this introduction and i will get down to my list

10. The Normal

These are the ones that i meet most of the time. They gather around and talk with other people, they don’t do much things, they go to their everyday routine by waking up then going to school or to work then after that, they just go home and watch T.V. or text/chat with someone or surf the net , study or just go to sleep  in their bed early.  they have fun by just hanging around with other people or by looking at those who really know the meaning of having fun, common, simple but sometimes, they are fun to be with especially when you don’t have anything to do other than being with yourself.

9. The Anime Lover ( OTAKU )

These guys are the ones that i can relate with (the part of me, that loves anime), not just with the topics that we make every time we gather but also the thing that we usually do like debating with what’s going to happen in an anime at the next episode or comparing other anime characters with another. We have our own world, and by that i mean that we don’t care with what other people say about the things that we do. They are fun to be with. Most of them are hyper, energetic and cheerful. Sometimes i can see that most of them have their own unique personalities, I don’t know why but i think it’s because of the influence of the animes that they watch. Well, with me, I’m kind of in the middle and that’s a secret. 🙂

8. The Nerd 

They are the group of people who spend much of their time studying and learning new things. They don’t know how to socialize, they don’t know how make friends. All they know is that if they waste time on things that doesn’t even make sense they will fail not just in grade but also as person, right? The effort that they give to their studies is equivalent to their fear of failing. In terms of friends, they have but not because that they know how to make friends but It’s the friend that makes friend with the nerd. who wouldn’t? They are good friends especially when you are in desperation when you don’t have your assignments or projects. But others tend to shut everyone out and go by themselves. Loner sometimes.

7. The Tech Geek 

Gadgets! Gadgets everywhere i say. Headphones, Earphones, Smartphones, Tablets and all sorts of gadgets that you can think of. Has a wide knowledge when it comes to dealing with gadgets like tuning smartphones for better performance, tweaking it to be more efficient, Having the most cool and updated apps, games and etc.. They most often like to brag out their stuffs, Criticizing others gadget like its their own,  they also like to compare their gadgets to other to see which one is better. I’m not into gadgets, I am more of a Software person. But i can’t say that i don’t want gadgets, just contented to what I have.

6. The Vain  

The Vain I’m talking here means having or showing an excessively high opinion of one’s appearance, abilities, or worth. I just don’t know, I just realized it that i kinda know  a lot of this kind of people. They are more conscious of their appearance, Spends much of the time pampering themselves, make-ups, hair-styles, dress, pants, shoes, shirt, bags. They like to watch themselves in front of a mirror and sees if they look fine.  They always want to look good. Its the most important thing for them. Acts cool, grace, poise, I am talking in general terms.

5. The CAM-aholic 

Selfie Addict, Have dozens of album of their selfie in a facebook account, they always update their status with their pictures, Intagram addict sometimes. They always want to be part of a group picture, They love to take pictures of themselves in a mirror inside a C.R. . or i think they are taking pictures of the mirror. I have nothing more to say to them. Oh, there is!

Smile! 🙂

4. The Derp 

They love to fool around, crazy people, Loves to troll other people. Fun to be with. But its not fun anymore if you are the target. Sometimes the life of a party, sometimes lonely,  but you will never see this kind of person sad. They always laugh around with other derps. Unpredictable, you don’t know what they think.

3. The Couple 

Do i even have to explain this topic here? Lovers, Partner, holding hands while walking, cuddling, doing some sweet stuffs , P.D.A. , Boyfriend to Girlfriend relationship. You will always see both of them together everywhere you see them. its very rare to see that one is not there. They love each other that’s why they always want to be together. You rarely meet them because they are busy with each other.

2. The Loner

The emo one. They always want to be alone, Its hard to understand these kind of people. Sometimes you just want to approach them and ask them what is their problem, You’re lucky if they are going to answer your question but most of the time they will just leave like you were not there. Rude isn’t it? its just the way it is. As for me, I just leave them alone. I sometimes think that they do that just to get more attention from people but maybe I’m wrong.

and last but not the least for me! *drum rolls*

1. The Life of the Party!

Gatherings are not fun without them! Boring! Boooooooooring ! There will always be one in the group that’s like this. Fun and exciting to be with. Always brings out the fun at everything that you do. Will never be bored if you stick with them. They are the kind of person that never leaves a friend behind and they always want to be in the crowd. Where there is fun, you will definitely find them in there. Everything is Incomplete without them. They are one of a kind! 🙂

And That’s it! All i have said here are based on experience, 🙂

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