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Past, Present or Future.

Had this Idea, If your were given the chance to travel through time back and forth. What time, When or Where would want to be. What is the first thing that comes into your mind that you want to do if you have that power? What are the things that you want to change if you can travel through time? Back and forth, constantly changing the past so that you can have the future that you want.  Imagine the thing that you can attain by doing that. Lover, Money, Profession, Family, the life that you want.

Now pause for a minute, evaluate your life. What have you done in your life that is worth the time ? If you have that ability, would you go back and change the past so that you can have a better future? Are you sure by changing the past, you can have a better future?

If you have this one time to travel through time, When would you want go? Past? Future? or stay at your Present time?


Hiatus Update!

Hello my Beloved readers! Been away for quite some time now. I know, I know I haven’t blogged anything about something for about 10 months now. It’s not that i don’t want to, It’s the fact that I can’t. Not because that I don’t have any Internet connection , I do have that – Always , but because I wasn’t able to find some time to drop by some posts here, But! I didn’t say anything about stopping either!

One of my friends Inspired me to continue with my blogging. He’s a good writer, a very kind person and a good friend of mine and now I’m considering him as my Mentor Although he doesn’t know that yet but I know he will when he reads this. 😀

He told me to just keep on dropping some posts so that i can build an audience little by little and that is what I intend to do. I’m planning to blog some of the hottest trends on the Internet Like South Korea getting an astonishing 10 GBPS Internet connection speed, yes, that’s 10 GBPS and anything random that i can see online.

That 10 GBPS though.

If you are fond of PC games, You can visit here. .. They have cool stuffs there.

If you ever have any suggestions, comments or anything you want to say about me. You can email me or comment on any of my post. I know that I’m not good this, but anyone started at something.