Gecko @ Main colisseum
This is the Gecko. We’re just  a group of guys hanging around wanting to have fun. We usually hangout, chat and do things that’s fun for us. You can blame us from doing this. We just want to have fun! That’s all to it! I just want to share the things that we do. Even if it bores us or gives us the thrill of our life! Most of us are currently going to college (We’re Students From Western Mindanao State University).

Every now and then i just keep on wondering how are things gonna be for most of us if we parted ways, well some of us already left but what can we do? its their own choice and their own life. But then again, life goes on and on and on and we really have to make use of our precious time and don’t waste any of it, think and do the things that you want do it like its your lasts for you not to regret it when the time come. As one of my favorite motto says ..

” — Do what you believe in and Believe in what you do”