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This is the first day of the Blog, and Yeah. Im a Beginner

This is the first post that I’m gonna post here in my blog. I just can’t imagine what to write here or where to start of, but i finally have the idea about sharing the random things that comes to my mind every time i think about something, Random. Well you see, typing something that you didn’t even think of something beforehand and just smashing all the keys from your keyboard and blabbing all the thoughts that you have in mind is somewhat i can call, Random-things-that-i-want-to-share. I said it! Really now? I know right now what you are thinking, “Why should i even read this things that he posts and waste my precious time, I rather go to facebook and flirt with somebody there. It will be more fun! Haha” or “His post are really lousy and He doesn’t seem like know what he is doing and just post something so random, He may even think that hes cool enough to do this blog”. Well For your information, Everybody can do things what they want as long as they never hurt someone or something like that but why would you stop someone from having fun and criticized every little mistakes that someone commits. The answer to that is you think that you are better than the person who makes mistakes, does that make you perfect? or in a way that you feel that you are? Oh come on! Why am i saying all this things, See that? random thing just out of the blue from someone who doesn’t even update his status in facebook (I update it, but im not that emotional like the ones that i see on my wall or feeds and yeah, i update it once or twice a week or more but not like a spam. =_= ) or someone who doesn’t even have a twitter account! Why? Is it required to have a twitter account? what the difference from having an account from different social media sites? From my point of view they all give the same thing that you want to do, you want to stay connected and of course, updated from the everyday happenings in your place, country or even your own world (everybody has their own world). Now let’s go back to the Topic, Why am i Blogging? Is it a sin to try out new things? LOL.