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For a set of good friends?

                    Just wondering for this kind of thing for days now. I just want to clear things out that I do have my friends and a lot of them, just saying this to give you guys some thoughts. What can can you give to have a set of good friends or to save a friend in need? Fame? Money? Career? Your Future? This also asks what kind of person are you. There are also times when being alone is fun, Sometimes. Why did I say that? You can go anywhere you want anytime, no one will complain about where you will go or what you will do. It’s just simple as that, Living wild and free. But are you really sure staying alone like that can give you your happiness. I’ve known other guys like that, where they don’t want to be in a crowd. I guess they just don’t want other people to be there or maybe they just don’t have what it takes to mingle with other people, I just can’t understand this kind of people. Back to our topic here. For a normal person, It’s natural to think that they wouldn’t give up anything just to have a friend or to save a friend in need. Are you that kind of person? I guess for some, Helping someone who will put at stake something that is important to someone will definitely wont sacrifice a thing for merely just a friend. Are you like that? Well for me, it will really depend on who and for what. First of all, I don’t reject right away those friends of mine in need. I will just recall all the things that he/she have done for me if he/she can really be called as one of my ‘good friends’. why would you help someone who betrayed you? it’s hard to trust someone the second time around. I have experienced that and I am kind of person that does not know how to forgive traitors. But how about if you will ask the same question to yourself?

“Shall i help him? but what if …..”

                     That ‘what if’ is just a sign of hesitation to help someone, it’s normal, depending on you own circumstances and his, it’s definitely normal to think first the things that can go before you go on and help someone.

                    But for a set of good friends? Why would someone think twice to help someone who you can really trust. There will really be a time where you will also need help from someone or anyone. Having those kinds of friends is worth it. No regrets. Really. If you ever have a friend whom you can rely on, You can understand what I am saying. Its good to have good friends. I am not saying that i am will give up everything for someone, except if that someone is so important to me. But I also did not say that I am not willing to give up something for my friend. Now I ask you.

“Are you willing to give up something for a FRIEND?”



Thought so…


“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
― Dr. Seuss

           One of Dr.Seuss’s quote about happiness, every now and then people want to attain something that can give them happiness. Who doesn’t want to have that? But have you ever think of something that can really give you your true happiness? Does those kind of things come into your mind? The thing that you can do that you can cherish or those that you will never regret, it’s not because you succeed in doing it but because you are happy that you have done it.

You can make your own happiness, you just have to realize the things that you have and appreciate them. It’s easy as long as you stay honest to yourself. Lying is bad, Obviously and that’s a given to everything. Being true to yourself is your first step towards true happiness. You can only obtain it if you stay honest to yourself and to the things that you do. You can also get that from everything you do as lang as you want to do it. Staying positive is also a factor that can boost you. Being alone is never fun. Be true because defying one’s self is suicide. 🙂

Random thoughts, I think?

While doing some documentation for our project, typing some stuff and watching Anime, the name’s One Piece, I kind of feel to post something here and I want to feature some of my friends here in this site (does this make this site into an escort service like? No) and to Introduce one of my best buds in college. So I Messaged one of my friend at facebook and told him that I want to feature him in my blog because of some random thoughts that i have in mind that i want to post describing that person and to also tell something about how i see him as a person. He said yes and agreed that it’s just fine since its a blog. I asked him if he wants me to make the description for him or he’ll just make his own and said he will just make his own. He replied ..

“”Good morning, moon. Didn’t realize you decided to stick around after we bid farewell last night. What are you doing up in that blue sky anyway? It’s not really your thing. You don’t see the Sun coming out in the nighttime, do ya? Show some respect.” (Rory Scovel) As it turns out, whether or not we can see the moon during the day depends on the brightness of its light—which is really just the sun’s light reflecting off of the moon’s surface—and the earth’s rotation. In order for the moon to be visible in the sky, it needs to be above the horizon. On average, the moon is above the horizon for 12 hours a day. Some of those 12 hours are bound to coincide with the sun’s—producing a daytime moon. Which, despite how exciting it can be to see, isn’t that rare. In fact, the moon is visible during the day nearly every day, except for when it’s close to a new moon or is a full moon.”


By the way, we were at the same location at the same time. So why did i PMed him at facebook? Yes .. because i just want to. any problems with that?

Now going back to the topic, I just looked at him and he just smiled at me and didn’t even say any word. I think he thought that I was just joking and I will not post his message here but as I said .. I am going to post something about him. I don’t even know where he got this message and how am i going to credit those words because he just copied it from somewhere.

I don’t know how to put things in the right track but all i know is, this post should tell something about my friend. And I can’t do that anymore since random things are coming to my mind again and thoughts keep piling up in my mind. I’ll just post another one.

How often things like this occur to me? almost every time when I think of something that should be done first. I guess this is a bad thing for it’s timing because one cannot simply concentrate on a task or an errand. Sometimes  its a good thing to think of something that you might want to come up or to develop or places you want to go and who to go with. Now my point here is that how much attention do you give to this kind of things? Have you ever thought that those random things that you think of might have some significance to the things that you really want to do? Or the things that you do but you don’t enjoy at all? Have you ever thought what would happen to planet earth without superman?

Superman or no superman, you should know yourself better that any other living person, or animals. Random thoughts sometimes occur because you don’t even know what you really want. Maybe those are just hints for you to understand yourself better like clue to something to bigger ideals you could come up or they are just a start of something great that will happen if you just put enough attention to that things that you think of. Maybe they are the answer to your problems or the missing piece in a puzzle that you could not possibly complete without a piece that is missing. Sometimes .. sometimes .. they can help you.

This is the first day of the Blog, and Yeah. Im a Beginner

This is the first post that I’m gonna post here in my blog. I just can’t imagine what to write here or where to start of, but i finally have the idea about sharing the random things that comes to my mind every time i think about something, Random. Well you see, typing something that you didn’t even think of something beforehand and just smashing all the keys from your keyboard and blabbing all the thoughts that you have in mind is somewhat i can call, Random-things-that-i-want-to-share. I said it! Really now? I know right now what you are thinking, “Why should i even read this things that he posts and waste my precious time, I rather go to facebook and flirt with somebody there. It will be more fun! Haha” or “His post are really lousy and He doesn’t seem like know what he is doing and just post something so random, He may even think that hes cool enough to do this blog”. Well For your information, Everybody can do things what they want as long as they never hurt someone or something like that but why would you stop someone from having fun and criticized every little mistakes that someone commits. The answer to that is you think that you are better than the person who makes mistakes, does that make you perfect? or in a way that you feel that you are? Oh come on! Why am i saying all this things, See that? random thing just out of the blue from someone who doesn’t even update his status in facebook (I update it, but im not that emotional like the ones that i see on my wall or feeds and yeah, i update it once or twice a week or more but not like a spam. =_= ) or someone who doesn’t even have a twitter account! Why? Is it required to have a twitter account? what the difference from having an account from different social media sites? From my point of view they all give the same thing that you want to do, you want to stay connected and of course, updated from the everyday happenings in your place, country or even your own world (everybody has their own world). Now let’s go back to the Topic, Why am i Blogging? Is it a sin to try out new things? LOL.